Kami Pbekal Bag Borong Pd Harga Tmurah - Dropship Agent Diperlukan, Xpyah Kluarkan Pepa Modal Pun, Hanya Mpromosi Produk Kami!
Handbag Wholesale @ Varieties Shops Enterprise - Sat 15/Sep/2018 7:02pm [Last Comment]
Salam sejahtera, kmi adalah pbekal bag dr Penang, smua adalah ready stock..

Agent borong & dropship dperlukan. Tanpa mgeluarkan modal, anda dpt memiliki bisnes sendiri & dpt keuntungan menarik. Sila email kami untuk details ;)


Anda juga boleh melayari website kami untuk melihat katalog, ttp anda mesti hubungi kami untuk mdptkan harga borong yea :)


Niche: Pemborong Beg Tangan | Program Dropship
  1. Mizanrazali - Tue 25/Oct/2011, 7:05pm
    please e-mail me for detail  
  2. Handbag Wholesale - Tue 25/Oct/2011, 7:09pm
    hye, minta bg email address  
  3. Mizanrazali - Tue 25/Oct/2011, 7:10pm
    e mail
  4. Sakura 9 - Tue 25/Oct/2011, 7:19pm
    saya berminat:
  5. Siti Hajarwirda Binti Ab Halim - Tue 25/Oct/2011, 8:04pm
    pm me
  6. Razali Mat Yusoff - Tue 25/Oct/2011, 8:07pm
    saya sangat berminat sila emilkan kepada saya.razalimatyusoff@ymail.com  
  7. Pelangi 3 - Tue 25/Oct/2011, 8:20pm
    pls emel pastasnya@yahoo.com  
  8. Zimas - Tue 25/Oct/2011, 8:46pm
    sila email sy zlanima2@yahoo.com  
  9. Nuruljannah 4 - Tue 25/Oct/2011, 9:08pm
    Email sy jugak
  10. Sldr79 - Tue 25/Oct/2011, 9:17pm
    Email sy:
  11. Misz Zura - Tue 25/Oct/2011, 9:19pm
    email saya
  12. Yusuf 2 - Tue 25/Oct/2011, 9:29pm
    salam email pd saya detail.tq
  13. Ain Nuraini 2 - Tue 25/Oct/2011, 9:36pm
    email me detail nurainiain@ymail.com  
  14. Mimi 42 - Tue 25/Oct/2011, 9:37pm
    email detail pd twistmeritbeauty@yahoo.com  
  15. Ahmad 135 - Tue 25/Oct/2011, 9:47pm
    email detail pd kirana.saleh@yahoo.com  
  16. Handbag Wholesale - Tue 25/Oct/2011, 10:18pm
    I sudah email smua, sila check email ye =)  
  17. Ami 8 - Tue 25/Oct/2011, 10:20pm
    kat saya juga. consultant_amie@yahoo.com  
  18. Sri Sireh - Tue 25/Oct/2011, 10:22pm
    email kat saya gak sitizalehahusup@yahoo,com  
  19. Afiq 17 - Tue 25/Oct/2011, 10:25pm
    tolong email kpd saya..
  20. Ila 29 - Tue 25/Oct/2011, 10:29pm
    plz email me too.. ila_alternative@yahoo.com  
  21. Shake11 - Tue 25/Oct/2011, 10:44pm
    email sy shakeme27@yahoo.com  
  22. Azizi 42 - Tue 25/Oct/2011, 10:50pm
    email plz
  23. Effendy 10 - Tue 25/Oct/2011, 10:50pm
    dont forget email to me. k  
  24. Purple Ungu - Tue 25/Oct/2011, 10:53pm
    sy berminat..
  25. Nathalia Mikhael - Tue 25/Oct/2011, 11:01pm
    email saya please.. very much interested..tq
  26. Nathalia Mikhael - Tue 25/Oct/2011, 11:02pm
    silap.. sitinad83@yahoo.com...sorry  
  27. Hida Mat Rani - Tue 25/Oct/2011, 11:04pm
    utk dropship -email saya hida_aisyha@yahoo.com tks  
  28. Hafiz 132 - Tue 25/Oct/2011, 11:10pm
    email saya,
  29. Handbag Wholesale - Tue 25/Oct/2011, 11:12pm
    salam..i dh email smua...posisi dropship agent msih terbuka kpd sesiapa yg betul2 berminat.. sila check email...terima ksih ;)  
  30. Rashid Ismail - Tue 25/Oct/2011, 11:27pm
    Saya amat berminat untuk keterangan lanjut, Harap email ke Saya di tareeq7@hotmail.com . TQ.  
  31. Natasha Hashim - Tue 25/Oct/2011, 11:28pm
    email sy
  32. Shazwani 5 - Tue 25/Oct/2011, 11:37pm
    emal saye.. shaz_158@hotmail.com  
  33. Meah - Tue 25/Oct/2011, 11:39pm
    emailkan detail
  34. Mammat - Wed 26/Oct/2011, 12:41am
  35. Izdi Ariff - Wed 26/Oct/2011, 1:38am
    email me izdi.ariff@yahoo.com  
  36. Hida Mat Rani - Wed 26/Oct/2011, 2:09am
    alahai typing error lg..sengal betol lah..maaf ya..

    hida_aisya@yahoo.com ~nie yg betol  
  37. Atan1987 - Wed 26/Oct/2011, 3:13am
    email saya mna_atan@yahoo.com  
  38. Idayu 6 - Wed 26/Oct/2011, 3:14am
    email saya: uyadiron78@gmail.com  
  39. Min 4 - Wed 26/Oct/2011, 8:01am
    emailkan kepada saya

  40. En Isa - Wed 26/Oct/2011, 8:07am
    Emailkan kpada

  41. Muhammad Naqeeb Bin Mustafa - Wed 26/Oct/2011, 9:17am
    Email saya
    please ye
  42. Uda 3 - Wed 26/Oct/2011, 9:31am
    E MAIL,zan_mizan@yahoo.com  
  43. Rich2u - Wed 26/Oct/2011, 9:53am
    brminat jgk email ke lakas_sugih@yahoo.com  
  44. Mieoreo - Wed 26/Oct/2011, 9:55am
    email detail ke mso.oreo@gmail.com  
  45. Azam Shahril - Wed 26/Oct/2011, 11:54am
    Email detail ke driver3@hqiads.mil.my  
  46. Handbag Wholesale - Wed 26/Oct/2011, 12:20pm
    Salam, dh emil smua...sila check email ye... =)  
  47. Olaolie - Wed 26/Oct/2011, 1:18pm
    email me detail pls..
  48. Alin 9 - Wed 26/Oct/2011, 7:14pm
    email me : jazlin.enterprise@gmail.com  
  49. Matt Witt - Wed 26/Oct/2011, 8:03pm
    emel saya wittmatt44@yahoo.com  
  50. Wati Ahmad 2 - Wed 26/Oct/2011, 8:23pm
    tlg emelkan detail ke
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