Tshirt Polo - Dropshipping & Borong
Nordiah @ Mysara Onestop Centre - Tue 16/Nov/2010 7:36am [Last Comment]
Salam 1Malaysia....

Pada siapa yg berminat nak buat dropshipping, sy bg komisyen 15%, delivery sy yg buat....

Kalau nak beli borong pun boleh....
max 5helai = RM30/pc
> 6helai = RM27/pc

Sila lawati blog sy http://nordjrd.wordpress.com
bg yg berminat boleh la email ke: mysara.1stop.centre@gmail.com


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  1. Syelazainal - Tue 16/Nov/2010, 1:14pm
    saya berminat nk buat dropship.
    boleh emel details..

  2. Eyda 4 - Tue 16/Nov/2010, 3:05pm
    sila emel details.sy bminat.thestonelove@yahoo.com
    bg catalog skali ye  
  3. Jawa 91 - Tue 16/Nov/2010, 4:34pm
    klu beli dlm tshir polo men n ladies 1000helai cmna.?
    Brape sy boleh dpt.??email sy
  4. Lynn82 - Wed 17/Nov/2010, 8:46am
    sila email smartlife919@gmail.com  
  5. Arie 3 - Wed 17/Nov/2010, 6:47pm
    emailkan gambr ley???
  6. Putri Wani - Wed 17/Nov/2010, 10:05pm
    saya berminat nk buat dropship.
    boleh emel details..  
  7. Nordiah - Thu 18/Nov/2010, 9:57am
    thanx ya u alls....semua dah di email...

    putri wani; email add x der pun  
  8. Cik Montel - Thu 18/Nov/2010, 3:13pm
    sy berminat nk buat dropship
  9. Shark 2 - Thu 18/Nov/2010, 9:26pm
    email shark_ptcbiz@yahoo.com  
  10. Jepun 2 - Thu 18/Nov/2010, 11:03pm
    sy berminat nak wat dropship..emailkan detail pada sy n detailkan jg harga borong...:b_gee80@yahoo.com..tq  
  11. Lya 2 - Fri 19/Nov/2010, 12:45am
    berminat nak wat dropship..bleh x email katalog & price..thanks  
  12. Nordiah - Sun 21/Nov/2010, 11:42am
    cik montel, shark 2, jepun 2 sy dah email ya..... lya 2 email add x der pun camna nak email  
  13. Kelorist - Sun 21/Nov/2010, 10:32pm
    saya berminat,boleh tlg emailkan pada saya katalog dan cara untuk wat dropship...TQ  
  14. Kelorist - Sun 21/Nov/2010, 10:34pm
    email saya>> kelorist73@yahoo.com  
  15. Zaini 9 - Mon 22/Nov/2010, 2:18pm
    Saya berminat. Email startoeight@yahoo.com  
  16. Miss88 - Mon 22/Nov/2010, 8:08pm
    hye... berminat utk dropshipping.. do emails d deatsl to msjacker@yahoo.com. tq :)  
  17. Nordiah - Mon 22/Nov/2010, 8:23pm
    kelorist, zaini 9, miss88 sy dah reply ye cek email ye  
  18. Smartnorr - Tue 23/Nov/2010, 12:17am
    Berniaga secara Dropship:-
    T-Shirt Muslimah
  19. Sue 50 - Wed 24/Nov/2010, 12:14am
    saya berminat nk buat dropship.
    boleh emel details..

  20. Nuha Apperals - Thu 25/Nov/2010, 1:16pm
    saya nak jadi dropshipping. emel me details  
  21. Nordiah - Thu 25/Nov/2010, 3:41pm
    sue 50, nuha check inbox  
  22. Anipzz - Thu 25/Nov/2010, 5:16pm
    saya pon berminat dropshipping nie.. sila email ke azaniff@gmail.com  
  23. Nordiah - Sat 27/Nov/2010, 9:43pm
    anipzz, dah email yer  
  24. Eppy - Thu 2/Dec/2010, 9:44pm
    salam.. tlg email kpd saya
  25. Ct 21 - Fri 3/Dec/2010, 12:44am
    tolong email saya juga
  26. Nordiah - Sat 4/Dec/2010, 9:11pm
    eppy, ct21....

    check inbox ya

  27. Spider 2 - Tue 7/Dec/2010, 4:18pm
    email sy..
    minat nk buat dropshipping=)

  28. Syahrul 5 - Wed 8/Dec/2010, 3:57pm
    saya berminat bleh email kepada saya
  29. Nordiah - Wed 8/Dec/2010, 8:13pm
    spider2, syahrul5

    pls check ur inbox

  30. Liza 32 - Thu 16/Dec/2010, 11:38pm
    saya nak jadi dropshipping. emel me details ke klshamsa@yahoo.com  
  31. Nordiah - Fri 17/Dec/2010, 1:40pm

    sy dah email ya

  32. Aina 13 - Mon 20/Dec/2010, 12:18am
    emel detail kat saya juga!
  33. Nordiah - Mon 20/Dec/2010, 12:53pm

    check ur email, tq  
  34. Saya 3 - Wed 22/Dec/2010, 2:13pm
    nak tgok gamba n details boleh?

  35. Kamaruddin Hassan - Fri 18/Feb/2011, 9:55am
    Harap email katalog kat saya dengan kadar segera, TQ.
  36. Another U - Sat 19/Mar/2011, 11:07pm
    ade lg x bju polo
    tgk kt blog bnyk yg sold out..
    lau de,nk gak..  
  37. Mohd Kassim - Thu 12/May/2011, 12:00pm
    klu ader lg baju polo sy nk beli borong
    emelkan ke hyerul@gmail.com  
  38. Faiz 65 - Thu 12/May/2011, 1:00pm
    jeans CK berkualiti.sila email saya bond_tribe@yahoo.co.uk untuk katalog  
  39. Roslucy - Wed 25/May/2011, 10:13am
    sa berminat borong and dropship. email katalog please. roslucy_pete@yahoo.com  
  40. Nordiah - Thu 26/May/2011, 12:31am
    minta maaf lambat reply.....
    skang ni sy stop kejap amik stok polo...
    insyaallah dah ada nanti sy email semua yer.....

    thanx n sori yer  
  41. Siti 206 - Thu 26/May/2011, 2:08am
    salam..klu dh ade stock,email sy ker..katalog utk borong..atierah_07@yahoo.com  
  42. Ajak69 - Thu 26/May/2011, 8:39am
    email sya gak.. ajakbio@gmail.com  
  43. Juta1 - Thu 26/May/2011, 7:06pm
    email ke..kayadoit@yahoo.com.my  
  44. Zimas - Fri 27/May/2011, 10:36am
    berminat buat dropship zlanima@yahoo.com  
  45. Mohd Ashraf Othman - Mon 30/May/2011, 2:58am
    email detail dhiadesign@gmail.com  
  46. Nizasri - Wed 1/Jun/2011, 4:07am
    email saya ustjanggut@gmail.com  
  47. Didi 9 - Wed 1/Jun/2011, 1:59pm
    email didi_polaris@yahoo.com  
  48. Mohamad Zareman Bin Zulkifli - Wed 1/Jun/2011, 2:58pm
    tolong email pada saya.....ztez2327@yahoo.com.my  
  49. Phaa - Thu 2/Jun/2011, 1:58pm
    Email me.. phaa_89@yahoo.com  
  50. Ketupak - Thu 2/Jun/2011, 11:58pm
    ad lagi x?sy nak buat dropshipper je..
    emel k..:: ketupak@gmail.com  
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