Tapak Promosi utk Disewa di Plaza Alam Sentral, Shah Alam Pada 17-29 Jun 2011
Rafaei - Mon 21/Mar/2011 11:53pm [Last Comment]
salam semua..

kepada sesiapa yang berminat utk mendapatkan lot2 promosi diPLAZA ALAM SENTRAL pada 17 jun-29jun 2011 sempena promosi " ANGGUN & SIHAT@ALAM SENTRAL supaya dapat memberikan email, sy akn email secara detail berkenaan tapak promosi. lot tapak terhad, dah tak byk tapak yang tinggal. siapa cepat dia dapat

Niche: Expo Karnival Tapak Niaga
1. Syuk 5 - Mon 21/Mar/2011, 11:59pm
boleh email kepada saya
saya ingin tahu maklumat lanjut
saya mempromosikan produk takaful
email saya di amdisyuk@live.com  
2. Izzat 7 - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 12:00am
E-mail detail


3. Zainul Azhari - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 12:01am
email dechantek@gmail.com. tq  
4. Acid - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 12:03am
emailkan pd sy acidaini_global@yahoo.com  
5. Zul 129 - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 12:10am
email ASAP : red_antsz@yahoo.com  
6. Thebestchocofountain - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 12:16am
Sila Email sy di
7. Zaey - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 12:19am
email detail kepada saya : norizanmnb@gmail.com  
8. Ilash28 - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 9:07am
emelkan kepada saya gfcputrajaya@yahoo.com.my

9. Nawawi Aris - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 10:31am
emelkan pada saya,


10. Maman 3 - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 11:29am
email sy,


11. Epul - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 12:57pm
12. As 14 - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 1:47pm
email sy juga..

13. Mzbeautyherbs 2 - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 1:52pm
Sy berminat.Harap dpt emailkan detail ke mzbeautyherbs75@yahoo.com
14. Norhayati 12 - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 2:00pm
15. Me And You - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 2:02pm
email to ~ mama.nelly@yahoo.com

FB ~ nelly sofni azmi  
16. Mramz - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 3:01pm
emailkan saya.. mramzi48@yahoo.com

17. Linaahmad 2 - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 3:30pm
pls email info to me. TQ!

18. Aien Fazli - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 4:04pm
salam. saya menjual homemade coklat... boleh email ke saya juga...
tq - enrich.choco@gmail.com  
19. Mohd 8 - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 4:15pm
email ke hairiezztrading@yahoo.com  
20. Shahrul Ezanee - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 4:36pm
saya berminat..

please emailkan detail myarul777biz@gmail.com  
21. Kzsk Ent - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 4:53pm
sila email detail kat saya kzsk_ent@yahoo.com  
22. Azey - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 4:54pm
23. Sharel - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 5:00pm
saya berminat..sharel1712@yahoo.com  
24. Hani 43 - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 5:58pm
saya berminat.. khani@maxis.com.my or 012-2000785  
25. Tapakniaga 2 - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 6:56pm
jom share info tapak utk berniaga di >>> www.tapakniaga.com  
26. Ieda 8 - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 6:59pm
sy minat
27. Sakranis - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 7:00pm
boleh email kepada saya
saya ingin tahu maklumat lanjut
saya mempromosikan produk kesihatan
email: nanoxangold@gmail.com  
28. Nurkasih 2 - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 7:52pm
nak detail
email me: amirulcollection@gmail.com
29. Faizal 92 - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 7:56pm
30. Rafaei - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 8:31pm

kepada semua yang berminat n yang dah bagi email pd sy, sy baru saja send email pd semua. so, lepas check n baca apa yang sy email pd tuan2/puan2, klu berminat, cepat2 hubungi sy. lot2 promosi yg tinggal dh xbyk, kene cepat bookg.  
31. Thebestchocofountain - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 8:47pm
saya pun nak consignment kan my product..
32. Ramadani - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 9:33pm
email saya ramadani_zainal@yahoo.com  
33. Ajoy 2 - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 10:30pm
Tapak promosi?? betol ke?

email detail to theperfectcanvas@gmail.com

34. Jdperfumes - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 11:03pm
email to jdperfume@gmail.com  
35. Yani 8 - Tue 22/Mar/2011, 11:45pm
email saya hyn_mr@yahoo.com  
36. Sheryl 2 - Wed 23/Mar/2011, 12:48am
Email saya juga sheryl_1502@yahoo.com  
37. One Spot Collections - Wed 23/Mar/2011, 1:45am
emelkan saya erinrashid0204@gmail.com
ksaya sudah biasa dgn market disitu kerana setiap hujung minggu saya ada membuka booth disitu  
38. Lynn 7 - Wed 23/Mar/2011, 2:12am
email kn sy leh x? norhaslinkaria@gmail.com  
39. Cik Memi - Wed 23/Mar/2011, 4:49am
email kn sy..oktavia001@yahoo.com  
40. Diana 24 - Wed 23/Mar/2011, 1:02pm
send maklumat dan no pic di email sy nanadianadiane@yahoo.com  
41. Rafaei - Wed 23/Mar/2011, 2:22pm
kepada semua.. sy dah email maklumat berkaitan  
42. Miss Lily 2 - Wed 23/Mar/2011, 7:05pm
plizz email...miss.lilyseven@yahoo.com.my..tq  
43. Dafinah - Thu 24/Mar/2011, 7:55am
tolong email kat saya .. tq
44. Barra Global - Thu 24/Mar/2011, 9:36am
Please email for me the details
hope to hear from u soon. TQ  
45. Azhani - Thu 24/Mar/2011, 3:37pm
Appreciate if you could email me the details
46. Huzaifah - Mon 4/Apr/2011, 11:08am
emailkan pada sy..

47. Cik Linn - Fri 8/Apr/2011, 11:07pm
emil pls.. amalin_89@yahoo.com  
48. Anne 39 - Sat 9/Apr/2011, 9:46am
tolong e-mail kan kepada saya


49. Adan Bin Ibrahim - Thu 14/Apr/2011, 2:12am
Ade lagi x? kalo ade emel kat aredan_87@yahoo.com atau kol kat 0173886653  
50. Azimah 14 - Thu 14/Apr/2011, 9:20am
sy berminat.. still available lg x??
plz email details to azimah1987@gmail.com  

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