Pembekal Alatan Medical And Surgical Disposable Products
Zulike - Wed 19/Dec/2012 12:11pm [Last Comment]
SALAM Semua,

Saya boleh membekalkalkan peralatan Medical and Surgical (Disposable) kepada anda. Antara produk yg ditawarkan adalah seperti di bawah.Rundingan harga dibenarkan sama sekali. Sila nyatakan produk lain sekiranya tiada di bawah. Hubungi saya di (012-5910626)

? Suction Catheter with tip or tub control (Size 6-16)
? Feeding Tube with radio opaque or plain (Size 5-14)
? Duodenal Catheter Ryles with radio opaque or plain (Size 5-14)
? Urinary Catheter (Size 5-16)
? Mucos Extractor available with 3 way stopcock (Size 5-14)
? Intraveneous Administration Set with Y injection Site or Needle Free injection set with 15 micron filter
? Blood Giving Set with 200 micron filter
? 3 Way Stopcock
? Suction Connecting Tube with double wrapping (Size: length 1.5 ? 6m)
? Extension Tube Perfusor (Length 150 & 200cm)
? Extension Tubing with 3 Way Stopcock (Length 150 & 200cm)
? Extension Tubing - T Connector (Length 10cm & 15cm)
? Silicone Latex 2 Way Foley Catheter (Saiz 2-way,3ml-30ml)
? Endotractheal Tube with cuff or without cuff
? Tracheostomy Tube Cuffed or Without Cuff

? Nasal Oxygen Cannula available for Adult,Child and Infant.
? Nebulizer Mask available for adult and child
? Simple Oxygen Mask available for adult and child
? High Concentration Mask available for adult and child
? Venturi Mask with Multi Diluters (up to 60%) available for adult and child
? Single Ventury Mask (Adjustble) available for adult and child

? Dressing Set available in medium / hard tray with 0-3 forceps
? Vaginal Examination Set available with gallipot,speculum or swabbing set
? Pam Smear Kit available with slide mailer
? Delivery Set with or without Amniotic hook & cord scissors Also available for AIDS patients
? Baby Toilet Top & Tail Set all set available
? Blood Taking Set
? Suture Insertion Set
? Catherization Set
? Injection Set

? Personal Protective Set
? Surgical Gown 45grms, Blue/Green (Size S, M, L, XL
? Urine Bag with Hanger T- Valve
? Vaginal Speculum (Size S, M, L)
? Umbilical Cord Clamp
? Ammiotic Hook
? ID Bracelet Write-on or Insert Card. Colour: Blue, Pink and White
? Injection Stopper/ Hearparin Cap
? Needle Free Connector

Niche: Peralatan Makmal Dan Hospital
1. Niaga Rich 2 - Mon 24/Dec/2012, 3:22pm

blh emailkan quotation x?

- Blood bag?
- Botol EyeMo?

TEL: 014-2126197  
2. Zulike - Wed 26/Dec/2012, 3:14pm
Wslm Niaga Rich...
blood bag tu ada.cuma botol eyemo tu nak yg kosong je kan..kite leh bekerjasama..nanti sy call awk.
3. Smart Elements Enterprise - Thu 17/Jan/2013, 10:25pm
oh ye lupa nanti tol mail yer URGENT!!  
4. Fawwazsukri - Sat 2/Feb/2013, 5:07pm

u ni bukak kedai atau buat trade/?..atau kerja dgn company ?  
5. Ipin Ariffin - Tue 19/Feb/2013, 10:09pm
salam, saya ingin mencari pembaris pain score, visual analogue score. Jika ada bolehlah maklumkan dengan segera. Tq  
6. Shyla Ahmad - Mon 22/Jul/2013, 2:07pm
En. Zul, thanks for suggestion to your customer.
Regret, we don't have the item.
so pity of her and her mom.  
7. Iliza 3 - Sun 28/Jul/2013, 11:08am
ada supply chinese paper 15kg/bundle?
kalau ada email quotation kpd saya  
8. Md Noor 8 - Fri 7/Feb/2014, 5:12pm
salam. boleh emailkan quotation product ke  
9. Siti Naemah 2 - Tue 6/Jan/2015, 7:26pm
Silicone ryles tube boleh supply tak?

10. Miasara 11 - Mon 16/Nov/2015, 2:24am
Emailakn quatation semua

11. Zulike - Tue 30/May/2017, 11:03pm
Untuk malumat tuan masih lagi menjalankan perniagaan ini. Sila watsap sy 012-5910626  

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