Mencari Part Time Online Job
Kausalya - Tue 11/Dec/2012 1:57pm [Last Comment]
Saya pelajar tahun akhir and saya sedang cari kerja part time seperti data entry dan typing. Saya tak ada minat dlm jual produk dan MLM. Saya nak extra income sebulan dlm rm 500.

tlg emailkan saya :

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1. Muhammad 166 - Tue 11/Dec/2012, 2:08pm
Berminat dengan EDU project?
Weekly paid.
Contact atau En. Shofian 0192463135  
2. Biz On Air - Tue 11/Dec/2012, 3:16pm
cuba dulu yang ni..  
3. Abd Wahid - Wed 12/Dec/2012, 12:16am
Hey guys before that i want to introduce to you all about this project.

This "PROJECT" is fully responsible by This Company =

And actually it MLM , Posting with tricky and mostly sounds fishy in the advertisement that the "UPLINE" post anywhere, everywhere.

and Yes IT's MLM ... MLM in what?

its MLM in SKOR "A" , i'm hereby just to tell to other people, i sympathy to people who

dont know what it is and really curious about this, coz some people had an nightmare experience

Victim : " I come to the show talk, then they explain about the EDU Project, after that they ask me to invest in a MLM program , Skor A program , invest RM500 and you need to find a DOWNLINE AND DO WHAT EXACTLY YOUR UPLINE DID. .. bla...bla...bla... i really hate it, and &'$%# because i come far away JUST FOR THIS? i thought that they got a job to give... hmm.. with the traffic jammed and everything on the road i need to faced it to get trough there... worst ever"

I am saying this not to complaining or what ever you might want to said, its just "IF THE PROGRAM GOOD ENOUGH, WHY DONT YOU JUST TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT THE JOB?" is it hard? ....

LOL ....

For those people who want to join, i encourage you to if you are interested... but for whom did not, just leave it as it... its just business after all "Power Words".

- The Truth Reveal  
4. Irah145 - Wed 12/Dec/2012, 11:32am
Boleh juga cuba di sini utk dijadikan pendapatan sampingan, cuba dulu baru tahu :  
5. Kamarul Farid - Wed 12/Dec/2012, 12:27pm
salam.cuba buat survey online. daftar free je. duit dibayar cash. daftar kat sini. selamat mencuba. bukan MLM.  
6. Mohamad Zulfakri - Wed 12/Dec/2012, 5:06pm
salam..cuba kerja sbgai menaip data pengiklanan...modal hanya rm20..nk dtail email kpda  
7. Nurhannee - Wed 12/Dec/2012, 8:17pm
cuba dulu tgok link saye..mane tahu berkenaan nk join....  
8. Mstudiofotografi - Thu 13/Dec/2012, 1:15pm

hantar 10 keping gambar pelbagai gaya dan pakaian  
9. Zarina 49 - Thu 13/Dec/2012, 8:47pm
sy mencr pkrja taska. contact me 0192629147  
10. Quraisyah - Sat 15/Dec/2012, 3:23pm
Try yang ini.. Komen positif dari mereka yang melakukan kerja ini..  
11. Fiza 92 - Sun 16/Dec/2012, 12:15pm
tanpa modal, tanpa menaip data, tanpa risiko. register free sudah dapat US5. try ler.  
12. Mihijo - Fri 28/Dec/2012, 2:46pm
telefon 0182881111 jika masih nak cari wang sampingan  

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