Cyber Cafe With License For Sale
Syahril Affiq - Wed 11/Jul/2012 2:21pm [Last Comment]
1.All equipment as you can see in the picture.
2.New application for cyber caf? license has been freeze by the council, as
mine can still be renewed every year.
3.Experienced and permanent workers are available; you can start your business
4.Rental deposit included with selling price.
5.cyber caf?s using DDS system, it?s time saving and troubleshooting done by
server. For buyer with no experience, you don?t have to worry about
maintenance since everything is handled by the server; you can say it?s a zero
maintenance system.
6.Easy business to venture with lucrative monthly income.
7.The cyber cafes have been operating since 2005, we got a lot of loyal
8.All thing that is inculded:

34 unit set of computer
1 unit display rack
2 unit 3com 24port switch
30 unit customer chair ? highback
Table for 30 unit compuiter
Wifi table
1 set of counter table
Full network and wiring set
1 unit b/w photocopy machine
1 unit color photocopy machine
1 unit printer & fax(Brother)
1 unit scanner(Canon)
1 unit laminate A3 machine
1 unit aircond 2.0 hp
1 unit aircond 2.5 hp
1 unit DDS license server ? 31 Clients
1 unit pc bil/counter
1 unit pc bil/counter for wifi ?antamedia license

Business still running currently,
Owners have other business and can't manage this shop any-more. Need to let go

RM 65,000.00 (Negotiable)

If interested, please CALL 0199439364

Niche: Bisnes Cyber Cafe
1. Seli 2 - Wed 11/Jul/2012, 2:26pm
salam. en.syahril, cc ni dekat area mane ye?

picture cc kt belah mane ek, saye tak bole nk tgk pulak.  
2. Syahril Affiq - Wed 11/Jul/2012, 2:29pm
kalau nak gbr boleh bg email.nanti sy akan emailkan...  
3. Syahril Affiq - Wed 11/Jul/2012, 2:42pm
cc dia area shah alam sek 13 berdekatan dgn giant.  
4. Seli 2 - Wed 11/Jul/2012, 2:52pm
oke, bole lah. aritu kawan ada kata nk usha2 bli cc.

tq =)  
5. Syahril Affiq - Wed 11/Jul/2012, 3:24pm
oo..kalu camtu okla.coz lesen utk cc skang mmg xde kluar dah.
sy dah emailkan..  
6. Seli 2 - Wed 11/Jul/2012, 3:43pm
oke tq, da dpt da.
tp ada lg 1 ptnyaan kt emel, t reply ek =)

tq again.  
7. Syahril Affiq - Wed 11/Jul/2012, 3:47pm replied...  
8. Emas Efektif - Thu 12/Jul/2012, 10:43am
9. Syahril Affiq - Thu 12/Jul/2012, 12:11pm
emas efektif. sy dah emailkan...  
10. Ayieayus - Thu 12/Jul/2012, 10:37pm
Salam En Syahril boleh emailkan juga gambar cc En pada  
11. Syahril Affiq - Sun 15/Jul/2012, 3:55pm
email sent to ayieayus...  
12. Zaini 73 - Sun 15/Jul/2012, 11:54pm
Salam kepada warga

Saya wan. contact no 010 8985119

Untuk pemasangan Astro mustika baru cuma Rm100.

Sila sms kepada saya,
1. Nama penuh
2. Alamat penuh
3. No i/c
4. No telefon yg akan di hubungi.

Service utk pindah pasang dish cuma Rm 100.

13. Syahril Affiq - Tue 17/Jul/2012, 1:58pm
kepada semua yg bertanya,harap maaf xboleh yer.sapa bayar dulu dia yg dapat bisnes ni.  
14. Azmi 217 - Wed 18/Jul/2012, 8:23am
ade lg??  
15. Syahril Affiq - Wed 18/Jul/2012, 3:10pm
ada lagi...  
16. Syahril Affiq - Tue 31/Jul/2012, 1:35pm
Harga telah dikurangkan jd 58K.sesiap yg masih berminat boleh contact saya.  
17. Azimqayyum89 - Tue 31/Jul/2012, 10:55pm
kindly email pic to  
18. Syahril Affiq - Thu 2/Aug/2012, 2:02pm
email sent to Azimqayyum89  
19. Ghazali 25 - Mon 6/Aug/2012, 10:48am
plz email sy pic CC n lisen CC.TQ  
20. Syahril Affiq - Tue 7/Aug/2012, 2:09pm
Ghazali 25 tlg bg email.  
21. Ajipai - Thu 16/Aug/2012, 3:03pm
tlg emel sy detail if cc still ada  
22. Eryzwan - Thu 22/Nov/2012, 2:23pm
Msg sye ea,sye brminat.. 0192431401  

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