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Sat 10/Sep/2011 1:34pm [Last Comment]
just follow analysis org lain je, di bagi entry, SL, TP,
alhamdulillah kat 2 bln follow analysis diorg hari2 dapat.

yang penting jaga margin, emosi (tamak) kene buang, trade kene tenang, hati kene bersih ( sll2 la berdoa, sembahyg jgn tinggal, bayar zakat )

Niche: Forex Malaysia
1. Smartsegak - Sat 10/Sep/2011, 2:09pm
boleh tumpang tak?
email saya  
2. Rizal9088 - Sat 10/Sep/2011, 2:15pm
tolong kongsi dengan wa sekali boleh????
email saya  
3. Izan 22 - Sat 10/Sep/2011, 3:06pm
nak tahu gak..tlg email ke  
4. Tuneprints - Sat 10/Sep/2011, 4:59pm
tgk email bro  
5. Azim 25 - Sat 10/Sep/2011, 6:31pm
nak tau jugak  
6. Ameerz - Sat 10/Sep/2011, 8:05pm
saya nk juga:  
7. Ramlan - Sat 10/Sep/2011, 8:09pm
nak tau  
8. Latib - Sat 10/Sep/2011, 8:35pm
email saya  
9. Wan Maui 2 - Sat 10/Sep/2011, 9:48pm
email saya  
10. Faiz 77 - Sat 10/Sep/2011, 9:55pm
email saya  
11. Na Akwa - Sat 10/Sep/2011, 10:15pm  
12. David Jalley - Sat 10/Sep/2011, 11:08pm
email saya  
13. Shah 37 - Sun 11/Sep/2011, 12:15am
tolong email saya bro..shahhamzah80@gmail.comtq..  
14. Syera Hasim - Sun 11/Sep/2011, 2:42am
tolong emailkan kpd saya juga. TQ.  
15. Noor Farrah - Sun 11/Sep/2011, 4:30am
tolong bro saya juga minat email  
16. Fidi 3 - Sun 11/Sep/2011, 5:22am
tlg email  
17. Fariss 3 - Sun 11/Sep/2011, 9:19am
18. Hairee 2 - Sun 11/Sep/2011, 10:08am
pls email me bro  
19. Mohd Muzlimi B Junoh - Sun 11/Sep/2011, 10:10am
sya minat email saya  
20. Afiq Alwi - Sun 11/Sep/2011, 11:01am
slm.. email detail kt sy,  
21. Fauziah Muhamed - Sun 11/Sep/2011, 11:16am
bole tau juga  
22. Arnzuriefx - Sun 11/Sep/2011, 11:46am
email sy...  
23. Muyen - Sun 11/Sep/2011, 12:12pm
email sy  
24. Hasnan Harun - Sun 11/Sep/2011, 12:23pm

Terima kasih  
25. Mohd Amin 3 - Sun 11/Sep/2011, 3:21pm
email ke:  
26. Husin Mohd Nor - Sun 11/Sep/2011, 5:12pm
Email ke  
27. Faizal 19 - Sun 11/Sep/2011, 7:05pm
tlg hantar info ke
28. Muhamad 12 - Sun 11/Sep/2011, 7:53pm
salam tuan saya memang berminat nak trade forex email kat saya  
29. Mohd Irsyad Zamani - Sun 11/Sep/2011, 7:53pm
email sy minat  
30. Zwan - Sun 11/Sep/2011, 10:35pm
email me
012 3634364  
31. Fiq 30 - Mon 12/Sep/2011, 12:26am
32. Feeraa82 - Mon 12/Sep/2011, 12:45am
33. Aku 6 - Mon 12/Sep/2011, 3:50am
emel saya  
34. Afan 2 - Mon 12/Sep/2011, 8:30am
sy pon  
35. Mojako - Mon 12/Sep/2011, 9:41am
saya pun  
36. Wan Mohd Nor - Mon 12/Sep/2011, 10:18am  
37. Zubaidah 4 - Mon 12/Sep/2011, 11:19am
hantar info lanjut  
38. Shouta - Mon 12/Sep/2011, 1:01pm  
39. Syamsuddin Bin Mustaffa - Mon 12/Sep/2011, 1:19pm
detail plz  
40. Btho - Mon 12/Sep/2011, 2:59pm
nak tahu juga  
41. Haswandy - Mon 12/Sep/2011, 4:42pm
sorry TT tumpang mencari otai atau mahaguru...sculping m1,m5 dalam forex gold dan serious nk belajar...sila Email ASAP  
42. Toyolma - Mon 12/Sep/2011, 6:51pm
interested to join ke saya  
43. Amin 82 - Mon 12/Sep/2011, 9:27pm
minat jugak -  
44. Jamil 10 - Mon 12/Sep/2011, 9:56pm
Salam....bagaimana saya boleh follow analisis....harap tuan dapatberikan maklumat untuk saya hubungi tuan...Wasalam..TQ  
45. Bie88 - Mon 12/Sep/2011, 10:23pm
boleh sms tak? 0178050324  
46. Zan72 - Mon 12/Sep/2011, 11:14pm
emel kat saya
47. Bobo 2 - Tue 13/Sep/2011, 3:01am
email me  
48. Majid - Tue 13/Sep/2011, 10:30am
bro,emel kt sy :
49. Zubaidah 4 - Tue 13/Sep/2011, 11:29am
dah mohon info tapi senyap aje  
50. Olive Scha - Tue 13/Sep/2011, 12:05pm

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