Berminat Memborong Kain Psg Cotton Design Terkini?
Nazihah 15 - Fri 30/Mar/2012 1:10pm [Last Comment]
Salam warga majalah..
saya menyediakan khidmat membekal kain pasang&juge baju kurung kanak2&dewasa(siap jahit) 2012 dgn harga borong yg berpatutan&berkualiti.

STOK adalah TERHAD-design belum ade d pasaran lagi yea!!!(first come,first serve)
Tempahan di buka d buka selama seminggu SAHAJA...jgn lpskn peluang keemasan ini.

sile tinggalkn emel anda d sini utk dptkn catalog terbaru

Niche: Pemborong Pakaian Wanita
1. Hazlin 2 - Fri 30/Mar/2012, 1:15pm
tlg email pada saya catalog dan qutation yea. Tq.  
2. Ida 114 - Fri 30/Mar/2012, 1:18pm
detail plz.. .. tq  
3. Norzuriana - Fri 30/Mar/2012, 1:43pm
berminat sila email..  
4. Beez Gallery - Fri 30/Mar/2012, 2:06pm
pls email details to  
5. Dee 25 - Fri 30/Mar/2012, 2:16pm
emel kat sy..  
6. Wan 184 - Fri 30/Mar/2012, 3:01pm
7. Biz 4 - Fri 30/Mar/2012, 3:25pm
email kt
8. Lan 76 - Fri 30/Mar/2012, 4:38pm
9. Mohammad Rafi Abu Bakar - Fri 30/Mar/2012, 7:44pm TQ :)  
10. Iza131 - Fri 30/Mar/2012, 9:10pm
email saya juga. TQ  
11. Ceri Mekar - Fri 30/Mar/2012, 11:46pm
plzzz email to  
12. Shada 3 - Sat 31/Mar/2012, 12:09am
sila emel to  
13. Nisa 35 - Sat 31/Mar/2012, 9:19am
14. Amalina 28 - Sat 31/Mar/2012, 9:56am
Details please  
15. Nazihah 15 - Sat 31/Mar/2012, 1:55pm
sy dh emel yer (1-14)..tq semua  
16. Rambo - Sun 1/Apr/2012, 1:13am
berminat sila email  
17. Lila 2 - Sun 1/Apr/2012, 10:24am
email sy  
18. Nooridhan - Sun 1/Apr/2012, 4:36pm
19. Ain 153 - Sun 1/Apr/2012, 5:31pm
tolong emel kat saya juga ye
20. Yani 27 - Sun 1/Apr/2012, 8:41pm
email sy jugak  
21. Melati 8 - Mon 2/Apr/2012, 9:27am
sis, email kn juga  
22. Koleksi Mysara - Mon 2/Apr/2012, 10:07am
emailkan saya  
23. Cik Nuralia - Mon 2/Apr/2012, 11:57am
Thanks.. ; )  
24. Nazihah 15 - Mon 2/Apr/2012, 12:25pm
sy dh emel (16-23) tq :)  
25. Feesya - Mon 2/Apr/2012, 5:25pm
tlg emelkan details  
26. Asleyana - Mon 2/Apr/2012, 5:51pm
tlng email sya yer  
27. Mia Humaira - Mon 2/Apr/2012, 6:32pm
email saya plz  
28. Hafeeda - Mon 2/Apr/2012, 8:13pm  
29. Sophane - Tue 3/Apr/2012, 2:12am
tlg email details pada saya
tq =)  
30. Shahrul 171 - Tue 3/Apr/2012, 2:24am
email saya...  
31. Fawcapone - Tue 3/Apr/2012, 9:42am
32. Zakuan 5 - Tue 3/Apr/2012, 10:45am  
33. Nazihah 15 - Tue 3/Apr/2012, 12:52pm
sy dh emel (25-31) tq  
34. Aida81 - Tue 3/Apr/2012, 2:16pm
e-mail ada saya  
35. Emy 39 - Tue 3/Apr/2012, 3:43pm
tlg emelkan details..
36. Lila 2 - Tue 3/Apr/2012, 4:01pm
email catalog  
37. Ayin 9 - Wed 4/Apr/2012, 10:53am
38. Gee 17 - Wed 4/Apr/2012, 11:08am
email saya gambar dan  
39. Yusma 5 - Wed 4/Apr/2012, 12:47pm
boleh email ke saya jg  
40. Su 34 - Wed 4/Apr/2012, 1:35pm
email saya detail di  
41. Arwati - Wed 4/Apr/2012, 4:43pm
emailkan saya katalog and harga kain ye. Tq  
42. Nad 27 - Thu 5/Apr/2012, 11:59am
minta tlg emaillkan katalog ke  
43. Nadia Jhr - Thu 5/Apr/2012, 1:30pm
bleh email pada sy?  
44. Nazihah 15 - Thu 5/Apr/2012, 2:29pm
salam semua..
kpd sesiapa yg bminat dgn kain psg yg sy bekalkan..blh direct ke fb sy yer cz sy update sample di situ.tq  
45. D Las Mujeres Boutique - Fri 6/Apr/2012, 1:58pm
email saya...  
46. Luna 7 - Fri 6/Apr/2012, 3:35pm
email katalog..  
47. Nur Aishatul - Sat 7/Apr/2012, 5:57pm
email saya  
48. Umi 35 - Sun 8/Apr/2012, 2:39pm
saya juga.  
49. Yus 77 - Sun 8/Apr/2012, 4:20pm
email katalog  
50. Lasufi - Mon 9/Apr/2012, 4:56pm
Boleh refer atau fb: lasufi cotton.. kami pembekal english cotton.. direct from factory  

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