Tho Mem Group Sdn Bhd (MEM Watches)

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CompanyTho Mem Group Sdn Bhd (MEM Watches) (1083715-M)
AddressA-03-02 Tamarind Square,
Persiaran Multimedia,Cyber 11
63000 Selangor
MEM Watches is a specialist in designing and creating Counterclockwise time pieces and Walltickers TM.
Counterclockwise, as the word illustrates that we turn the time around. Our watch designs serve as a reminder that if we can turn reading time in clockwise, something that is of second nature to us around, we could also be the positive difference wherever we are when we turn things around.
MEM Watches believe that a MEM Watch is not only a watch on your wrist when you wear it, but you are making a bold statement, that you are unique and can be the positive difference!