Pusat Rawatan Uswatun Hasanah

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CompanyPusat Rawatan Uswatun Hasanah (NS 011479-W)
AddressNo 33, Kampung Gersik
93050 Kuching, Sarawak
Pusat Rawatan Uswatun Hasanah is the center of holistic and alternative medicine, spiritual healing and counselling and mental health.

Located in the city of Kuching of Sarawak, Pusat Rawatan Uswatun Hasanah strive its best to provide the highest quality possible to cure and treat diseases from alternative, traditional and Islamic approaches, ways and perspectives.

The services provided from the highly trained and deeply experienced practitioner are as following:

1) Cupping / Hijama treatment
2) Acupuncture treatment
3) Reflexology treatment
4) Traditional massage treatment
5) Massage for men treatment
6) Islamic and alternative treatment
7) Unexplained mystery diseases treatment
8) Chronic diseases treatment

Besides that, Pusat Rawatan Uswatun Hasanah offered wide ranges of mental science courses and spiritual knowledge such as:

1) Inner spiritual energy
2) Healing energy
3) Long distance hit
4) Third eye activation
5) Chi energy activation
6) Islamic healing methodology treatment

Furthermore, Pusat Rawatan Uswatun Hasanah provided solution to any problem such as:

1) Family problem
2) Relationship problem
3) Business problem
4) Workplace problem
5) Unexplained mystery problem
6) Spiritual problem

The great thing is, Pusat Rawatan Uswatun Hasanah provided FREE LONG DISTANCE SCANNING for your problems and diseases just via phone call. Just give a call and your problems and diseases could be detected instantly.

Kind reminder:
We do not use any trick or deception, do not use black magic, supernatural, intermediate spirits, young, devil and Satan, amulets, talismans or assistance from other external elements. No form of superstitious practices and its equivalent and does not involve things that can damage the faith (Shirk) and does not conflict with Islamic law.

''God willing, we tried to follow the way of the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad and pray for God's healing given that cures all ills, just the way he gets successful''

Pusat Rawatan Uswatun Hasanah is open and available all days and nights 24 hours.


Ustaz Ismail - 0134876166 | 01132363113
Facebook personal Ustaz Ismail - https://www.facebook.com/ustazismail.binmohamad
Facebook page Pusat Rawatan Uswatun Hasanah - https://www.facebook.com/PusatRawatanUswatunHasanah

Pusat Rawatan Uswatun Hasanah address:
No 33, Kampung Gersik, 93050 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Pusat Rawatan Uswatun Hasanah map --> https://www.google.com/maps/place/Pusat+Rawatan+Uswatun+Hasanah/@1.560593,110.354063,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xce6d7329b19b0d79?sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjO7_3Giv3QAhUKrY8KHXUGAUMQ_BIIgQEwDA