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Kleen Diesel
CompanyMN Fuel Solutions Sdn Bhd (1223483-D)
Tel+603 7885 8663
Address6, Kompleks Kilang SME Bank,
Jalan PJU 3/39,
Sunway Damansara Technology Park,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Kleen Diesel is ‘Green Diesel’ due to its superior environmentally friendly properties. It reduces up to 80% Black Smokes opacity, 60% Particulate Matters, 30% NOx and 5% CO2 emissions from Heavy Duty Diesel Engines (Buses & Lorries) exhausts. It is cheaper compared to Diesel, therefore is the perfect solution to reduce the increasing air pollution, especially in the cities. Kleen Diesel functions like NORMAL Diesel.

It is already widely used in Europe and USA since the beginning of the 21st century. Kleen Diesel is scientifically recognised and industrially established as one diesel engine exhaust gases abatement technology.

MN Fuel Solutions Sdn Bhd (MNFS) uses its in-house developed Homogenizer high shearing machine and its own blend of chemical surfactants to manufacture Kleen Diesel. Both technologies are proprietary to MNFS.

Kleen Diesel blends of W10 and W15 (10% and 15% water content) have been thoroughly tested and validated to European Standard CEN CWA 15145: 2004
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