License For Petronas On Upstream And Downstream
Azizmihat - Tue 22/May/2012 12:20pm [Last Comment]
For those whom interested in getting the registration and licensing for scope of work in Petronas and other oil and gas company in Malaysia, please email to for further info. Im a consultant by profession and also can assist on bidding the job after the company is duly licensed. Thank you

Niche: Konsultan Perniagaan | Kontraktor Minyak Dan Gas
1. Quik - Fri 1/Jun/2012, 2:40am
I want to find a job and have a degree in mechanical engineering. I'm also have one year experience in oil n gas field. If you have any information or vacancy, email me  
2. Haji M Azman - Sat 16/Jun/2012, 3:06am
Tolong beri info lebih detail. Saya ingin mendaftar dengan Petronas dalam Bidang Inspection & manpower supply. Tolong beri butir & fees yg dikenakan oleh tuan sebagai Consultant.  
3. Azizmihat - Fri 22/Jun/2012, 12:58pm
Salam Haji Azman,

Need your email address and tel number.
Will send the details accordingly  
4. Basheer - Fri 22/Jun/2012, 1:08pm
pls give more info,sy nak daftar lesen petronas ,email sy  
5. Azizmihat - Fri 22/Jun/2012, 3:00pm
Encik Basheer, you will receive the info sekejap lagi by email. Any clarification you can call me directly.  
6. Azizmihat - Fri 22/Jun/2012, 4:24pm
Haji Azman,

Saya dah email ke Tq  
7. Syarill Izwan - Fri 22/Jun/2012, 5:05pm
Salam En Azizmihat,
kindly mail me details and ur contact no at

amat berminat..  
8. Azizmihat - Fri 22/Jun/2012, 5:29pm
Encik Syarill,

Please check your emails. Tq  
9. Azizmihat - Fri 22/Jun/2012, 8:20pm
Encik Quik,

There are plenty of website for jobseekers in O n G. Wish you success on your future endeavor.  
10. Fabian Peter - Tue 26/Jun/2012, 2:21am
saya miliki syarikat kelayakan dan berdaftar untuk general work for oil & gas contactor ingin daftar syarikat bersama dan no tel dibawah.TQ
016-851 0662  
11. Indera 2 - Thu 28/Jun/2012, 8:49pm
As salam...boleh bg info, sy berminat...  
12. Azizmihat - Thu 28/Jun/2012, 10:08pm
Encik Indera, have email. Thanks  
13. Azizmihat - Fri 29/Jun/2012, 9:41pm
Encik Fabian,

Call you many times but youre not answering. Anyway Im not sure what did you want too. Thanks.  
14. Rieverlands69 - Fri 6/Jul/2012, 1:17pm
Boleh emailkan detail and cara2 untuk reg with petronas  
15. Azizmihat - Fri 6/Jul/2012, 4:22pm
Encik riever - check ur emails. thanks  
16. Joey R - Mon 9/Jul/2012, 2:29pm
Hi AzizMihat
Good day to you!

I'm dealing with oil and gas,marine cables..since you have a good books of contacts,can you assist me with any orders with your network.Thank you  
17. Azizmihat - Tue 10/Jul/2012, 1:38pm
Hi Joey, send me your co profile and are you the registered vendor to Petronas? Please send to my email. Thanks  
18. Usinwinston Light Yahoo Com - Tue 17/Jul/2012, 9:13pm
sy kontraktor untk kerja2 elektrik yg berdaftar dgn petronas..,
currently, tgh mencari2 project o & g supply transformer, switchgear, motor & marine equipment..,
memandangkan tuan mempunyai contact dlm bidang ini, sy mgharap kn jasa baik tuan membantu sy mencari kerja2 seperti di atas.., tq  
19. Azizmihat - Wed 18/Jul/2012, 2:26pm
salam en usin,

Kalau tuan belum berdaftar dengan petronas, tuan cuma boleh dapatkan contract dari registered vendor of petronas dan jadi sub con bukan man con. Petronas tak akan deal dengan unregistered vendor. Terima kasih  
20. Haji M Azman - Mon 23/Jul/2012, 4:44pm
En. Azizmihat. Email saya:

Saya sekarang nie tiada di Malaysia. Tolong emaikan detail pade saya. nanti kita boleh berhubung melalui email  
21. Azizmihat - Tue 24/Jul/2012, 1:33pm
Haji M azman,

Saya dah email. Tq  
22. Alif Aziz - Tue 24/Jul/2012, 2:19pm
Salam En Azizmihat, kindly mail me details and ur contact no at  
23. Azizmihat - Wed 25/Jul/2012, 2:03pm
Encik Alif, have email. Thanks.  
24. Azami 3 - Thu 26/Jul/2012, 11:32am
asalam.. saya berminat untuk mendaftar dengan petronas. bole beri info dan fee nya ke email saya  
25. Azizmihat - Thu 26/Jul/2012, 2:09pm
Encik Azami,

Saya dah email. Tq  
26. Myma - Thu 26/Jul/2012, 9:49pm
Salam tn, bole email detail ke  
27. Azizmihat - Thu 26/Jul/2012, 11:18pm
Salam Myma,

Saya dah email. Tq  
28. Razizam - Mon 30/Jul/2012, 5:12pm
Saya ingin mendaftar dengan Petronas dalam Bidang Inspection & manpower supply. Tolong beri butir & fees yg dikenakan oleh tuan sebagai Consultant  
29. Azizmihat - Mon 30/Jul/2012, 5:56pm
En Razizam,

Can have your email add. Thanks.  
30. Amir Izwan - Wed 1/Aug/2012, 1:06pm
bole email detail ke  
31. Azizmihat - Wed 1/Aug/2012, 7:56pm
Encik Amir,

Email already.  
32. Rinnas - Mon 6/Aug/2012, 10:35pm
Salam, Bole email details ke Tq.  
33. Azizmihat - Tue 7/Aug/2012, 10:44am
Encik Nasrin, email already  
34. Demenshin Agrotech - Thu 9/Aug/2012, 9:50am
saya gm syrkt public mencari pojek power & utility utk di usahasama secara EPCC, BOT,BOO.  
35. Badrul 31 - Sat 11/Aug/2012, 7:32am
salam en.azizmihat boleh tolong beri encik punya e-mail address tak  
36. Azizmihat - Sun 12/Aug/2012, 10:55am
Encik Badrul,

Email add seperti di atas.  
37. Edvin - Sun 12/Aug/2012, 10:57am
nak kluar epf call 0193610004  
38. Jebon 2 - Tue 14/Aug/2012, 2:17am
salam tolong hantar detail n contact no. to  
39. Azizmihat - Tue 14/Aug/2012, 10:24am
En Jebon, Have email  
40. Masamula - Sun 19/Aug/2012, 9:36pm
En Azizmihat, pls email  
41. Azizmihat - Sat 25/Aug/2012, 6:39pm
En Masamula, have email  
42. Zeef - Wed 29/Aug/2012, 12:15pm
Salam & Greetings

En Aziz, our Co. is registerd with Petronas as Vendor and we looking for some opportunity, if any, for any procurement, supply or anything suitable small project in Kemaman. Kindly adv accordingly on the availability of the project and the fees incurred for yr consultation.

kind regards  
43. Azizmihat - Wed 29/Aug/2012, 7:28pm
Encik Zeef,

Please mail me your registered SWEC code for further action. Tq  
44. Zeef - Thu 30/Aug/2012, 11:15am
Salam En Aziz,

Pursuant to your request, attached herewith is the license no. L-517523-A. I'm still wtg for my partner to furnish me with the SWEC code.

Kind regards  
45. Halim 56 - Thu 30/Aug/2012, 11:47am
Pls email to:
46. Azizmihat - Thu 30/Aug/2012, 12:54pm
Encik Zeef,

Please mail the SWEC code to  
47. Azizmihat - Thu 30/Aug/2012, 12:58pm
Encik Halim,

Please check your email.  
48. Zulkafli Bakar - Thu 20/Sep/2012, 8:23pm
I'm interested to apply for Petronas license. Please e-mail me the info:  
49. Amin 27 - Fri 21/Sep/2012, 4:07pm
pls email me details for petronas license registration by code/field.  
50. Azizmihat - Sun 23/Sep/2012, 12:28am
Encik Zulkafli/ Amin,

Please check your email. Tq  

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