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Sat 1/Aug/2015 10:36am [Last Comment]
Group - CATERING marketplace Malaysia.
Greetings Citizens Magazine,

To open the '' Malaysia-CATERING marketplace share any recent info.

Platform To:
Interacting with people who want to order all kinds of food catering
involving service providers such as canopies,

SEATS & Desk renters
Looking for tender by posting catering factories, clubs and other golf

Find a service provider associated with the catering, this will be the market

Looking for buyers looking to buy used catering equipment

Find a seller who wants to sell catering business
Ultimately this is an ideal platform and marketplace for all those involved and catering business F & B

Anyone interested n join this support group can leave contact details + nama..terima

I Whatspp> Telephone 0102725121
SMS 01126648259

Niche: Bisnes Restoran | Persatuan
1. Dio - Mon 3/Aug/2015, 9:52am
2. Thomas 22 - Mon 3/Aug/2015, 3:58pm
3. Shawal 22 - Mon 3/Aug/2015, 10:08pm
4. Stanza - Tue 4/Aug/2015, 7:14am
+60163218550 - Along  
5. Raymond 10 - Tue 4/Aug/2015, 11:53am
Hi Dio..Thomas..Shawal..n Stanza.. thank you for your support! Once i add all of you on the group i will invite you all to post your services.  
6. Mohd Fahmi Azhar - Tue 4/Aug/2015, 11:09pm
7. Wahidnizam - Tue 4/Aug/2015, 11:12pm
8. Eita 9 - Wed 5/Aug/2015, 2:01pm
pls add me 0163636654. tq  
9. Lankd - Fri 7/Aug/2015, 10:48pm
10. Nadiah 65 - Sun 9/Aug/2015, 8:23am
Pls add.. thx 012 6638309  
11. Amy Badrun 2 - Wed 12/Aug/2015, 9:56am
plz add 0178804262  
12. Mohd Zamri Zainal - Thu 13/Aug/2015, 2:15am
13. Rose 289 - Sun 16/Aug/2015, 12:33am
14. Kifie 2 - Sun 16/Aug/2015, 1:18pm
email to  
15. Lankd - Mon 17/Aug/2015, 10:21am
16. Zalie Hasjadi - Mon 17/Aug/2015, 6:05pm
17. Ikram 31 - Tue 8/Sep/2015, 11:34am
0123141556 ikram  
18. Farhana 22 - Fri 11/Sep/2015, 9:46am
Me at rbj katering
019-2108 785  
19. Wow Bulan - Sun 13/Sep/2015, 10:02am

Saya ada pelbagai barang catering dan sebuah van perodua rusa untuk dijual..saya sudah berhenti berniaga kerana buat bisness lain..

Call 0123044380 awi

Nego sampai dapat  
20. Ozlan Bin Mohd Zain - Tue 22/Sep/2015, 7:24pm
Lok Lok King on Wheels - 0122626606  
21. Rainisha Vidyandika - Tue 29/Sep/2015, 10:25am
Sha - 0126555468  
22. Aaron 8 - Thu 1/Oct/2015, 12:29am
23. Hafiz 1003 - Wed 7/Oct/2015, 1:51pm
Hafiz - 017 664 6977  
24. Zalie Hasjadi - Sat 10/Oct/2015, 11:38am
25. Fellah - Wed 14/Oct/2015, 7:22pm
please add me in 0193131020. tq  
26. Zery 5 - Sat 17/Oct/2015, 11:02am
27. Amirul Nizam 3 - Fri 6/Nov/2015, 4:17am
0173064469 amirul  
28. Hafis 89 - Mon 30/Nov/2015, 5:05pm
29. Syahmi 45 - Tue 8/Dec/2015, 11:52am
ip catering. 0173087206  
30. Zara Accounting Management Services - Wed 16/Dec/2015, 10:39am
31. Mohamad 30 10 - Thu 7/Jan/2016, 8:44am
32. Nazmi 13 - Sat 27/Feb/2016, 2:01am
33. Irwan 133 - Mon 29/Feb/2016, 4:12am
Abdul Muttaalib Hj A Bakar. 0162857789 pls add me  
34. Amar 67 - Mon 13/Jun/2016, 11:03am
amar 0173677186  

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