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It is where ideas, trends and lifestyles collide to form new ideas and new inspirations. Moreover, it is also a place to have fun, where people can enjoy art with a warm heart and a smile on their face.

At K11 we believe in Art, and we believe in the forces that bring it to life. In addition to our permanent collection of local and international artists’ work, we also allow the public to appreciate art during their shopping and leisure time by providing various multi-dimensional spaces.

We celebrate the connections between Art, People and Nature. With art to draw us together and inspire us, we emphasize human connections by creating a unique multicultural living area. We also utilize green concepts and technology and integrate them into all aspects of what we do, from sustainable systems to local plants, we bring more organic life into our spaces, resulting in a perfect integration of natural space and culture.

After all, art is made by people for people. All people. We pull art out of museums and galleries and put it onto the streets, into shops, into people’s hands and minds. Art for all. All for art.

We use art as our inspiration to create theatrical experiences, bringing art to life in ways that you can touch, feel and be excited by. We want our visitors to feel swept up into the action, to feel like a part of our show, simply by being at K11.

By harnessing this creative energy and providing a platform for local artists and art lovers, K11 aims to help homegrown talent connect with the international arts scene – putting K11 on the world map not only as a patron of the arts, but as a driving force behind it.

K11 is energetic, vibrant, bold, original, eclectic, sometimes provocative but always playful. To guests, K11 promises creativity, stimulation, excitement, novelty – energy unleashed. Sometimes unpredictable but always dazzling.

In art we meet. In art we shop. In art we play.

In art we live.