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CompanyDesa ParkCity Property
AddressNo 5, Persiaran Residen, Desa ParkCity
52200 Kuala Lumpur
Desa ParkCity in KL is a reputable and fully grown self-contained town. It all started in 1999 when the builder, ParkCity, purchased the 191.4-ha site. From a barren quarry mine, the area has actually become the cradle of among Malaysia's top-selling neighborhoods and the venture moved forward to receive lots of distinguished awards, both locally and worldwide. Whenever ParkCity released its residential projects like Westside 3, One Central Park, Adiva, The Mansions, The Breezeway, Zenia, Casaman, The Northshore Gardens, Adora and Nadia, surely it sold well. This unique ParkCity DNA is what makes its Desa ParkCity township in Northwest Kuala Lumpur so effective. Desa ParkCity is appreciated for its superior living surrounding, master plan design and urban green areas. Many are impressed by how a former quarry mine where no plants might grow is now an acclaimed municipality with two man-made lakes teeming with fishes and water plants that have actually become popular recreational locations for its locals and even the public. Facilities within the area incorporate a 300-bed ParkCity Medical Centre, The International School @ ParkCity and business spots-- The Waterfront and Plaza Arkadia. With the full planning, has demonstrated its proficiencies in building value for Desa ParkCity property buyers as property prices in Desa ParkCity have gone up even at the time of a sluggish property market. Place-making is important for the general town development to develop a sense of belonging amongst its locals. At Desa ParkCity, the 13.9-acre Central Park and leisure lake were the functions used to start the 473-acre advancement. Located in the heart of Desa ParkCity, it serves to encourage its residents and individuals in neighbouring locations to take joy in the outdoors and connect with each other and hence produce a cohesive neighborhood. The lake also works as a retention pond and for stormwater management. Furthermore, it assists to cut down the temperature level of the whole area and act as a natural air filtration system. Whether you are looking for Desa ParkCity residential or commercial properties for sale or lease, our Desa ParkCity home agents can always help you to find the best unit.
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