Free Websites vs Your Own Domain & Webhosting

We believe serious businessman/woman need to have their own websites with domain name and webhosting. The cost of setting up a website is very cheap nowadays especially if you do it yourselves. It is not hard and we will guide you here.

The table below compares the advantages and disadvantages of using free website services versus the paid one. Free website is good for new entrepreneurs with tight budget. As your business grows, it becomes natural to buy a domain name and maintain your own website.

Free Websites Your Own Domain Name & Webhosting
Easy to setup Also easy to setup
The cost is free The cost is as cheap as RM 110 per year.
You cannot choose your domain name You can choose your domain name.
You have to follow strict terms and conditions. You don't have to follow strict terms and conditions on the content of your website.
Difficult to backup the data and images. Data and images can be backed up easily.
Advertisement by the service provider in your website No third party advertisement cluttering your webpages.
Look unprofessional & lack of seriousness It shows your commitment and seriousness in the business.
Service Provider might terminate your free account for whatever reasons. Account termination is very rare unless your fail to pay for the domain & webhosting

Next, we will show you

  • How to buy a domain name in Malaysia
  • How to buy webhosting in Malaysia
  • How to download free website softwares like Wordpress and install it.
  • How to find nice themes
  • How to backup your website
  • And many more.. so stay tuned!