Business Guide

This is a summary of terminologies and niches used in this business forum/classifieds.

  1. Interested in business - Ingin Berniaga
    This niche is for those who are interested in business and ready to start but do not know where to start. If they are more concern about business loan, they will be placed under Business Loan (Pinjaman Perniagaan). If they are more towards asking business opportunities, they will be placed here.
  2. Business Discussion - Diskusi Bisnes
    Those who need helps on certain business topics will be listed here. Please note that many business questions are too complex to be answered in details. There are usually courses/seminars for those who are really interested and sometimes there are ebooks on the topic which is good for beginners to start with.
  3. Business without Capital - Berniaga Tanpa Modal
    Currently there are 3 categories.
    1. Becoming a Dropship Agent - Program Dropship.
      A catalog is usually available (usually pdf) from the business owner and we will be paid commisions for every items we sell.
    2. Ebook Business - Bisnes Ebook
      We can buy the ebook to learn about a certain business. Alternatively, if they offer affiliate program, we can sign up and promote the ebook for sale. We will be paid commisions everytime our affiliate links are used by someone to buy the ebook.
    3. Consignment Offer - Program Consignment.
      For those with physical shops (NOT online shops), sometimes there are manufacturers or wholesalers who can offer consignments. Some requires a percentage to be paid as a guarantee. With consignments, shop owners are given a certain amount of time before they need to pay the goods in full. (Ambil barang dulu, bayar kemudian)
  4. Courses and Seminars - Kursus dan Seminar
    All business courses will be placed here. However, as the niches for the courses grow, it will be separated and placed under their own headings. As for now, there are also:-
    1. Food Courses
    2. Beauty Courses
    3. Motivational Courses
  5. Make Money - Buat Duit
    Make Money Online or Offline. Sometimes, the topic owners did not explain clearly the nature of their business. Hence thay are categorised here. Usually they are online based or involves membership fees and finding downlines.
  6. Expo, Exhibition & Karnival - Expo Karnival Tapak Niaga
    For those looking for events where there will be business opportunities to setup booth, they will be placed here. In the future, "Kiosk and Stalls" will be separated from Expo & Karnivals
  7. Company Registration - Pendaftaran Syarikat
    All business owners are required by Malaysian law to register with SSM. It can be done easily by individuals. However, if the business owner need help, they can look for companies who speciliased in business registration here. Some companies also offer ready-made or shelf-sdn-bhd-company which can be bought within a few hours.
  8. Business Plan - Rancangan Perniagaan
    Those who need business plan for preparing company profile for business loan will be placed here.
  9. Looking For Investors - Mencari Pelabur
    Business which is new, usually less than 6 months or the owner just have skills and ideas and looking for investors will be listed here. Business that has been running for many years are also listed here, although the admin feels that business loan or loans from government agencies are more appropriate for them to apply. They can ask help from topics in Business Loan and Business Plan niches.
  10. Business Loan - Pinjaman Perniagaan
    Those who offer or need business loans will be placed here. Be careful with scams
  11. Personal Loan - Pinjaman Peribadi
    All non-business related topics asking for loans will be placed here. Be careful of money lenders without licence (Ah Long). Also be careful with scams.
  12. Business For Sale - Bisnes Untuk Dijual
    All currently running businesses that are for sales will be listed here. Additionally, the particular niches where the business is categorised will also be tagged so the topic will also appears there.
  13. Company Registration - Pendaftaran Syarikat
    New Sdn Bhd company registration at SSM, Ministry of Finance (MOF) registration. Ready made sdn bhd company for sale (also known as shelf company).
  14. Company Secretary - Setiausaha Syarikat
    Accounting, audit, taxes & general secretary services. Offered by accounting companies/professionals and also freelance. Some also provide company registration services.
  15. Multi Level Marketing - MLM/Network marketing
    MLM are usually placed under their individual niches. It can usually be found in niches starting with the word Agent or Affiliate. There are many MLM under beauty & health niches (kesihatan & kecantikan).
  16. Flyers Distribution - Servis Pengedaran Risalah
    Advertise your company product or services by distributing flyers. Many companies offer this service.
  17. Advertisement in Mass Media - Iklan Tv Radio Media Massa
    Advertise your business in mass media including local magazines & newspapers, TV, Radio, Billboards and printed material.
  18. Shop / Offices for Rent - Kedai/Pejabat untuk disewa
    Look for shops, shoplot in hypermarkets, shop apartments and offices here. Half shops (for shared rental) are also listed here.
  19. Signboard & Signage - Pembuat Papan Tanda Iklan
    For shops signboard, lighbox or general signage please refer this niche.
  20. Cash Register Terminal - Terminal Pembayaran
    Cash register machine is also known as Point of Sale (POS). Some companies also offer credit card terminal system to accept payment by major credit cards.