Pelaburan dlm Sarang Burung /Bird Nest
Zainal Abidin 2 - Mon 2/Mar/2009 4:01pm [Last Comment]
I just go to this Golden Nest Properties International Berhad at jaya One upstair of OCBC Bank in Seksyen 13 PJ Jalan Universiti last week. The investment price that offer to me is RM23,800. And after discount the price is RM 23,000. I have to give deposit 30 % from the amount. 70% can pay monthly payment in 36 months with no interest. What I can get? RM750 FIXED monthly pasif income + Bonus + yearly Dividend RM 3000 Guaranteed etc.... Fix return is from their bird nest harvest from their swiftlet farm in jalan Kapar Klang. I never give my deposit yet because want to check it first. .
Adakah bisnes yang senang dapat untung selumayan dan senang mcmni ? Anyone dah attend their presentation please share .Did you invest ? Coz after i said no to this RM 23000 offer the manager offer me something smaller iaitu RM 12000 but i did not commit juga. TK

Niche: Diskusi Tuntutan Dan Tribunal | Bisnes Sarang Burung
  1. Cs Goh - Wed 4/Mar/2009 1:47am
    Hello Zainal,
    I was invited to the business talk at the same place last 2 week. They told me the same thing how good and how safe the business because you sure can make a lot of money from the birds nest harvest and the dividends .And they also said once the company is listed the share can worth one million ringgit ! I am sorry to say this but i think this is just another SCAM ! But i saw some people believed and signed up .How easily they can convinced people Very smart investment scheme but not for me la I hope the KPDN is aware of this companys activities and investigate to see if this is a legal business or a SCAM  
  2. Shahrul 3 - Mon 16/Mar/2009 8:53pm
    Kawan kawan sekelian tolonglah berhati hati dgn syarikat ini. Pasti ini satu SCAM yang sungguh innovatif lagi. Harap Agensi Kerajaan dapat menyiasat lebih mendalami tentang aktiviti syarikat ini.Memang tak ada duit yang datang begitu senang kat Dunia ni..  
  3. Mr Lee - Fri 20/Mar/2009 1:37am
    i agree danger say, i also taking 1 lot also. if no genuine, they would show u the swifflet house in jalan kapar. i was know the founder very well. He doing hit and run biz  
  4. Mr Lee - Fri 20/Mar/2009 1:44am
    for upstairs the sentences,THE FOUNDER WOULD NOT DOING HIT AND RUN BIZ,SORRY typing error  
  5. Mr Lee - Fri 20/Mar/2009 1:44am
    Mr Lee (ID=18882) - 20 Mar 2009, 1:37am
    i agree danger say, i also taking 1 lot also. if no genuine, they won't show u the swifflet house in jalan kapar. i was know the founder very well. He no doing hit and run biz.(typing error
  6. Scam Victim - Mon 13/Apr/2009 4:48pm
    all bullshit la! until now i didn't get my agreement.dont know how long this company can las.asked for refund, giv so many excuses.i think i want to make police report.another scam company came out.make sure we're not cheating by them anymore.  
  7. Scam Victim - Mon 13/Apr/2009 4:49pm
    Mr Lee,how much u invest? u look so confident with this company.or maybe u're one of them???  
  8. Rydah - Sun 19/Apr/2009 7:15pm
    dear all, i also go for the biz plan presentation. the price offered to me is RM24,800 after discount rm3,000. but i did not give any deposits since i'm scared if this is another scam. but next week they're going to call me again. pls help. it sounds good on the return but pls let meknow if this is also a scam. TQ  
  9. Fake84 - Sun 19/Apr/2009 10:06pm
    Dear Scam Victim,

    when did you signed the agreement?i made a mistake, i signed the agreement too without researching abt the company first.i am really worried now after reading this post. how did u know it is a scam?  
  10. Scam Victim - Fri 24/Apr/2009 5:25pm
    dear fake84,
    yes, i did sign the agreement also.i already check with ROC,and so suprise ROC said many customers also call and asked about this com.and ROC also said they already take action but still under investigation.and the house nest never get any approval or license to operate.theres no bird inside.wat the heck they talking to giv us the passive income?from where they get the money?they jz rolling the investor's money??  
  11. Jai1001 - Thu 30/Apr/2009 2:21pm
    Hello Malaysian....i one of investor n i did sign the agreement. What i can see here this company not a scam com. I did check with Director of ROC Tuan Ridzuan ( my friend )....this com is ok and their prospektus is in prograss. At that time im sign the onwer Datuk Wong did show to me the dokumen from Bank Negara. So for me this com not like other com and they really do rite dont listen to third party. anything just go back to the com. I agree with danger said, if this com want to do hit and run biz why should datuk show his face everyday......  
  12. Scam Victim - Sat 2/May/2009 7:44pm
    who's dato wong?? i already check with ROC,this com no name under dato' wong.wat kind of prospectus u talking?why when i sign up nobody inform me?until now i haven't receive my agreement.when i asked, keep on postpone.who can help me to get my money back?  
  13. Jeffrey Chua - Thu 7/May/2009 2:06am
    Hello Jai1001, you are the biggest IDIOT of them all ! No one would back the company so much like you and this only tells people that you are one of the con artists from Golden Nest Properties !! And for God's sake , please tell your partner " Danger" and " Lee " to improve their English language first before they ever make any comment again in this Forum ! Its simply shameful ! Dont think this stupid " Danger" even understand what the word " Agreement" means .

    And as for Scam Victim, you go and make a Police Report first, then file an official complaint with KPDN in Putrajaya, one with Bank Negara and also the Consumers Tribunal . You can also lodge a complaint with the paper Malay Mail then the activities of this SCAM company will be exposed to all !Very effective and proven . Give it a try .Lets send all these con bastards to the gallows man ! One of my relatives invested some 5 months ago and to date had not received any black and white or agreement Each time he asked the Company they gave all sorts of excuses and delayed on purpose . Why ???? Genuine ? Confirmed 100 % SCAM !! Beware you guys . There are so many con companies out there conning money but our authorities are not doing anything to protect the consumers so what can we say ?  
  14. Scam Victim - Sat 9/May/2009 4:33pm
    agree wit u jeffrey!  
  15. Unknow - Sat 9/May/2009 5:11pm
    Oh no!..i just invested today. i paid by Maybank Card. Still can i stop the payment?  
  16. Unknow - Sat 9/May/2009 5:17pm
    If i wan to make polis report, how i have to do?..go to police station make report....then?  
  17. Scam Victim - Sun 10/May/2009 10:40pm
    it's up to u,but my case i already fwd to ROC and KPDNHEP.u also can check with them and ask the advice.i also afraid the company very soon will close down!!! u must act quickly.  
  18. Aiher - Fri 15/May/2009 2:18pm
    Thanks for the warning. I just recevied a call inviting me & spouse to attend a 45 min talk and collect RM 200 buffet voucher & RM 186 spa voucher @ golden palace hotel . Too good to be true !! .  
  19. Scam Victim - Mon 18/May/2009 8:46pm
    wow! they already upgrade the gift!! rugi la i..last time i jz got rm20.but..becareful..when they call me that time promise me i got rm1k cash voucher.end up jz rm20.pity me..  
  20. Orang - Thu 21/May/2009 2:50am
    Aku pun register gak. Bagi deposit RM100 pada hari yg same, pastu dia bg aku 1 touch n go, 1 wang kertas RM10 ngan 2 kete mainan plastik. Aku ckp 2 hari l aku dtg utk byr full downpayment. Tapi aku tak dtg pun sampai sekarang sebab mcm bisnes tipu jer. Nampak sgt la tipunyer. Tapi yg tak syoknya, aku ada sign (emm...kalau aku ingat lg la..) 1 agrement, dlm 4 borang mohon kat kredit utk easy payment dan 1 copy ic aku. Any comment plz....  
  21. Scam Victim - Thu 21/May/2009 6:28pm
    no need to worry..worse thing u jz loose your 100 bucks.consider lucky already.rite?  
  22. Investor - Sun 31/May/2009 12:06pm
    Scam Victim,

    Have you received your purchaser agreement till now? As what Danger mentioned above, he is receiving RM200 every month, do you receive it?

    For whom has signed up the agreement earlier, how do you feel of this business by now? pls share. Is it really a scam business/company?  
  23. Dan78 - Sat 11/Jul/2009 12:49pm
    How is the status now, Scam Victim & Fake84? I'm stupid & greedy enough to just sign up few days back only to find this forum lying around in the internet. Now I'm really worried how the outcome is going to be... Any feedbacks?  
  24. GEM - Mon 10/Aug/2009 4:41pm
    Global Excellent Marketing Sdn Bhd (GEM), Perunding, Pembangunan & Pengurusan Industri Sarang BUrung Walit/walet.
    Untuk Maklumat Lanjut Sila Layari : (Forum/Direktori Perniagaan, Pertanian & Indutri Asas Tani Malaysia)  
  25. Szufu - Tue 8/Sep/2009 7:24pm
    yes confirmed it's a scam. I have made investigation and Golden Swift (the website provided by the sales person of Golden Nest) has confirmed that they have no relationship with Golden Nest. Enquiries made to the financial institutions that offers the interest free loan to finance the purchase of share/lot and they are not aware of the existence of Golden Nest. I am going to file a legal action against this company and do let me know if you are already a victim to this company. (  
  26. Low 2 - Tue 1/Dec/2009 2:51pm
    Golden nest is just another con company. I am one of the victim who already paid for the deposit for 1 lot. The next day I realized this may sound too good, and I check with the golden swift (Golden Nest clams they have contract relationship) and I was told by Golden Swift Manager that Golden Swift has NO RELATIONSHIP with Golden Nest. In fact, Golden Nest just bought couples of books from them. Immediately, I called Golden Nest to cancel my payment (CC), but they didn't. The payment status was under pending which still can be cancelled when I called. They come up with many excuses that they will refund the payment. First, they claimed that I would receive my refund within 1 month. 1 month passed. Then they claimed need additional month to process my refund. Now 3 months passed and I haven't received my refund yet. Police report made. Those that I contacted were reported. Hopefull I can get back my refund because it isn't a small amount.  
  27. Shah 17 - Thu 24/Dec/2009 3:18pm
    i've land for rent in meru kg bukit cerakah selangor area.. its agriculture land 3.5 acres.. tental rate you just NAME it i'll consider if the price offer reasonable

    shah 019 905 6991  
  28. Steven Chua - Mon 18/Jan/2010 1:36am
    I am also one of the victim from JB also. what hapen now? I heard this datuk have disappeared, & the company is being suited on 5th Feb 2010....  
  29. Ifemm - Mon 18/Jan/2010 7:29pm
    too bad, i'm one of the victim too. i just gone to their office at Jaya 1 this afternoon (18 Jan).
    The sales mgr, Alan said i can collect the cheque today but i was cheated. Coz when i was there, i did not receive any cheque as what he has promised.
    There is one receptionist and she gave me datuk hp number. he name is Datuk G*lfr*y W*ng. i called him immediately but he said he know nothing about the refund. Lucily, the receptionist also gave me his other company address at SS2.
    By the way, anyone here can help? shall i just make police report & tribunal of consumer claims? please help. TQ  
  30. Unknow - Tue 26/Jan/2010 6:32pm
    For those who already invest, pls aware that a guy name Mr Ng that call u. He will said he is from what ssm and they have found that this Golden Nest is a con company. If you want to get back your money, you need to send a bank draft rm180 to a YB or datuk. Then the datuk will send you a letter that you can claim back your money.  
  31. Unknow - Tue 26/Jan/2010 6:37pm
    sry....pls beware....that guy will call u with no caller id. And he keep saying that YB is very famous (stupid guy). He will ask you to send bank draft to the YB's house in Genting Court Condominium.  
  32. Hidayat - Sat 30/Jan/2010 6:37am
    Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) telah memulakan prosiding undang-undang di Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur ke atas syarikat Golden Nest Properties International (M) Berhad yang beralamat perniagaan di Selangor. Dalam prosiding berkenaan, SSM memohon perintah-perintah seperti berikut daripada Mahkamah:

    (1) Satu pengisytiharan bahawa perniagaan Golden Nest Properties International (M) Berhad dalam menawarkan skim pelaburan untuk ternakan burung layang-layang kepada pihak awam di Malaysia adalah terangkum dalam Bahagian IV Divisyen 5 Akta Syarikat 1965;

    (2) Golden Nest Properties International (M) Berhad dikehendaki mematuhi peruntukan di bawah Bahagian IV Divisyen 5 Akta Syarikat 1965, termasuk mendaftarkan surat-ikatan amanah dengan Plaintif sebelum meneruskan operasi perniagaan mereka;

    (3) Injunksi untuk menahan Golden Nest Properties International (M) Berhad sama ada menerusi Golden Nest Properties International (M) Berhad sendiri, agen dan / atau pekerja dan/atau mana-mana entiti lain di bawah arahannya daripada berterusan menawarkan skim pelaburan untuk ternakan sarang burung kepada pihak awam di Malaysia; dan

    (4) Kos.

    Saman Pemula yang difailkan oleh SSM kini ditetapkan untuk perbicaraan di Mahkamah Tinggi (Dagang) Kuala Lumpur pada 9 Februari 2010.

    SSM menasihatkan orang ramai agar berhati-hati sekiranya ditawarkan untuk melabur dalam sebarang skim pelaburan yang tidak berdaftar dengan mana-mana badan kawal-selia undang-undang di Malaysia. Sebarang maklumat yang ingin disalurkan oleh orang ramai mengenai pelaburan dalam skim kepentingan kepada SSM boleh dihantar kepada Seksyen Skim Kepentingan, Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia, Tingkat 12, Putra Place, 100 Jalan Putra, 50622 Kuala Lumpur.  
  33. Farid 6 - Thu 4/Feb/2010 5:18pm
    alo ... saya pun victim juga ... apa nak buat ... tolong beri cadangan ... yg sedihnya lagi saya ada rekemen seorg rakan n sy rasa bersalah pada rakan tersebut .... apa nak buat ... malu n rasa bsalah nak ngadap rakan saya tu ...  
  34. Farid 6 - Sun 7/Feb/2010 10:03pm
    1. ada sesapa kat sini dah dapat refund balik payment ... mcmana dapat refund tu ...

    2. ada sesapa yang dah wat police report, BNM report, SC report, KPDN report or SSM report? Pls help us ...  
  35. GEM - Fri 12/Feb/2010 11:20am
  36. Mohd Kamal Suyud 2 - Sat 13/Feb/2010 10:05am
  37. Fake84 - Sat 13/Feb/2010 8:59pm  
  38. Farid 6 - Sun 14/Feb/2010 9:00pm
    apa tindakan seterusnya kalau dah tjebak dgn scam company nie ...  
  39. Amin 5 - Wed 24/Mar/2010 11:56pm
    Saya ada juga melabur 1/2 lot (RM12,800)pada bulan Mac. 2009. Setakat Feb 2010, saya masih dapat monthly passive income RM100. Bulan Mac belum dapat lagi. Saya amat kesal sekiranya com. ini adalah scam company. Tapi pada bulan Nov. 09, saya ada ke office di PJ utk menandatangani revised agreement yg menyatakan tempoh agreement telah dilanjutkan dari 15 thn ke 99 thn (tanpa additional cost) atas arahan Bank Negara atau Suruhanjaya Sekuriti (saya tak pasti). Tapi saya juga masih menunggu official agreement hingga kini. Saya berharap dapat bekongsi maklumat dgn yg sudah melabur. Boleh call saya 019-2481505 (Amin) utk berkongsi maklumat. Yg tak melabur tak perlu call ok.  
  40. Lyeoisum - Fri 7/May/2010 10:51pm
    i bought 1/2 lot from August 2009 , i everymonth have receive RM 100 , but from February 2010 , ididnt receive anything. But when i call simon ( who incharges goldn nest management , he told me goverment locked their accouts , and june will settle. I so afraid , half lot also RM 14000  
  41. Nawa - Sat 31/Jul/2010 10:44am
    Nak melabur tp xde ilmu, jawab nya senang la kena tipu, bagi anda yg di luar sana kalau nak buat pelaburan yg selamat hanya ada di dua tempat saja mengikut pengalaman saya. SAHAM di BSKL (high risk) or UNIT AMANAH (i can say no risk at all).

    Pelaburan di jamin selamat dengan pulangan 10-15% p.a. medium to long term investment.

    Permulaan pelaburan serendah rm1000.
    Kalu dah berani nk labur puluh ribu dlm SKIM CEPAT KAYAP yg buat anda rugi, takkan lah SERIBAN pun x berani nak melabur dlm DANA AMANAH!!!

    Tu la nk cepat kaya terus KAYAP!!!!!!

    call me 019-220 6694  
  42. Radzi 4 - Tue 5/Apr/2011 2:28am
    sarang burung walid..mempunyai banyak khasiat yang tersendiri.Antaranya dapat merawat penyakit asma ,darah tinggi,dan membantu mencergaskan tubuh dan minda sepanjang hayat

    ingin menjana pendapatan sampingan yg lumayan dgn menjual pati sarang burung walid blh la hubungi sy di talian 017-7752607.

    kami beroperasi di sekitar kL@selangor..  
  43. Sam 30 - Sat 19/May/2012 1:14am
    salam...tumpang lalu...kepada sesiapa yang berminat untuk pelaburan..syarikat baru dibuka pasaran di malaysia April 2012 roi  
  44. Fazwan4life - Fri 3/Aug/2012 8:44pm
    Salam kepada semua warga majalah.

    Saya merupakan usahawan bumiputra.saya kekurangan modal RM12,000 untuk memperbesarkan perniagaan saya.

    *bagi mengelakkan riba didalam perniagaan kami. kami hanya akan membayar balik RM12,000 dalam tempoh (RM1,000 x 12bulan).

    untuk maklumat lanjut sila hubungi saya H/p: 011-12378107


  45. Syakir 4 - Sat 4/Aug/2012 10:14am

    klu ko pinjam 12k then ko nk pulangkan balik 12k jugak,sah2 la xder org nk kasi ko pinjam 12k tu.baik dorang masukkan dlm ASB.dengan 12k tu n anggaran dividen 8% setaon,buta2 dorang leh dapat 900++...klu ko nk buat cenggitu better ko pinjam kuarga ko / sdare mare ko..  
  46. Nini Mat Yusof - Sat 6/Apr/2013 12:52pm
    Peluang hebat peluang sarang burung walit dari 14 ladang burung walit seluruh malaysia berteknologi tinggi nano ultrasound . Modal rm10k ..dapat balik dalam 30k serta dana persaraan 35 tahun disediakan oleh syarikat kepada pelabur.Berminat sms 0133233035  
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