Mencari Consignment untuk Baju Wanita, Beg Tangan Replika, Jam Tangan Replika Grade AAA dan Juga Contact Lens
Ain 28 @ Lovelybabystore - Tue 4/Jan/2011 8:15pm [Last Comment]
Saya mencari supplier yang boleh memberi consignment kerana saya mempunyai kedai yang disewa tetapi kekurangan stok dan barang...modal juga tidak mengizinkan saya untuk meluaskan perniagaan saya..
urgent kerana akan mula sewa kedai pada 22/01/2011
sila email kepada saya
kerja sama anda amatlah dihargai...
terima kasih

Niche: Program Consignment
  1. Bended - Tue 4/Jan/2011 9:20pm
    contact lens  
  2. Atikah Ismail - Tue 4/Jan/2011 9:54pm
    saye ade kenal dgn wholesaler kt singapore..
    jual baju2 trend zaman kini..
    bju korea n jepun..
    rm16 utk sepsng bju..
    min order:100 pieces..
    cost penghntrn rm60
    saye wakil kt malaysia kena cari 10 owg lagi utk jd pengedar sah dye..
    kalu akk nk cntct saye..
    cepat taw sbb skunk nie saye dh jmp 3 orngg yng bermint..  
  3. Ikhwan 8 - Sun 20/Mar/2011 12:58am
    sye buta consignment beg tangan..jika berminat call 0134223957..  
  4. China Carol 2 - Wed 4/May/2011 10:17pm
    The lier name :Lukez hans farhan,
    passport number: S7435787C


    Pls refund me the ticket payment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I already made police report in China,,,U can't run away when u come into china!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
  5. Han 8 - Mon 23/May/2011 5:57pm

  6. Han 8 - Wed 1/Jun/2011 11:05am

    Name :XXrol XXX XXX XXX
    DOB : XX XXX 19XX
    Passport No: XX33XXXXX
    Exp: XX Jun XXXX
    Address: XXXXX XXXXX, China.

    Lukez Hanz Farhan
    I/C: XXX35XXX

    We, (XXrol XXX XXX XXX) hereby, apologize to Mr. Lukez Hanz Farhan regards to the Accusations, Allegations, Assumptions,
    Statements, Frictions, Harassment and Embarrassment towards him (Mr. Lukez Hanz Farhan).

    We (XXrol XXX XXX XXX) decided to published this LETTER OF APOLOGY to Mr. Lukez Hanz Farhan, on our (XXrol XXX XXX XXX) own accords as to clear Mr. Lukez Hanz Farhan good name and his good nature of business.

    Mr. Lukez Hanz Farhan at all times, have been responsible, accommodating, honest, polite and honored his words at all time.

    We (XXrol XXX XXX XXX) deeply regretted on the false claimed, that we (XXrol XXX XXXX XXX) created and posted on Mr. Lukez Hanz Farhan's Social Networking Site and one of Malaysia's Social Networking Online
    Business Forum (

    We (XXrol XXX XXX XXX) will personally post this LETTER OF APOLOGY on Mr. Lukez Hanz Farhan's Social Networking Site and on Malaysia's Social Networking Online Business Forum ( as to cleared his good name and good natures of his business.

    If needed, we will publish this LETTER OF APOLOGY at our (XXrol XXX XXX XXX) own cost, in/on China, Malaysia's and
    Singapore's daily newspapers as stated below;
    1) Malaysia - THE STAR, The New Straits Time, Berita Harian, METRO and The Chinese Daily
    2) Singapore - The Strait Times, The New Paper, Berita Harian, Berita Minggu and The Chinese Daily.

    We (XXrol XXX XXX XXX) fully understood that due to our Ir-responsible actions, and we (XXrol XXX XXX XXX) agreed to be held full responsibility for the false claimed that Mr. Lukez Hanz Farhan have to endured during the process.

    We (XXrol XXX XXX XXX) have fully agreed to let Mr. Lukez Hanz Farhan, published this LETTER OF APOLOGY in anyway he deemed fits as to cleared his good name and his good natures of business.

    Deeply Regretted
    XXrol XXX XXX

    Name :XXrol XXX XXX XXX

  7. China Carol 2 - Wed 8/Jun/2011 1:49pm
    A very fucking man, he did the aology letter by himself by himself, and never send me the ticket money USD1243

    always created new story!!!!!!!!to cheat me,,,,,  
  8. Farhan 11 - Wed 8/Jun/2011 5:38pm
    Post with care and with responsibility.

    Alot of people post what they like and what they think.

    Writ of summons have been served.

    Have a nice day  
  9. Farhan 11 - Wed 8/Jun/2011 5:58pm



  10. China Carol 2 - Fri 10/Jun/2011 4:27pm
    what I told all is true,

    but today, finaly this guy refund me the ticket payment, I wish you won't do such mistakes again, u can't just run away if u owe somebody payment, u need give a reply and refund her,,,
    God is always fair to us, don't tell lies again like what u told me before.  
  11. Farhan 11 - Fri 10/Jun/2011 5:31pm
    Dear XXROL


    We have attach a Letter of Apology for you to sign and return to us within 5 days.

    If your name are different from the attach file please fill it up with-
    -Your full name as in your Passport and Passport Number
    -Your full name as in your Identity Card and your Identity Card Number
    -Your Full Address as in your Identity Card
    -Your Nationality, example are you a PR of your country or Citizens
    -your Contact Number, as in Home phone and office phone and mobile phone
    -Your email address, your company email address and your personal email address

    Failure to do so within the time frame of 5days from this email , we will proceed with the defamation lawsuit to recover the damage cost amounting to SGD 1.2million, that have occurred by your false action and allegations towards Mr. LUKEZ HANZ FARHAN and

    Lukez Hanz Farhan have decided to make a peaceful resolution with XXROL AND XXXXXLIZA without going to court or any lawsuit. If you agreed either one of what we offered below;

    Resolution 1-
    Print the Letter of Apology and fill up full your name and full particular and sign it.
    And then send it back to us by post or scan it and email it to us. And we will post it in all the newspaper and media.
    And we will consider this as a close case without us claiming any damage or lawsuit fees from you.
    (if you choose to post by mail please post it to our office at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

    Resolution 2-
    Post this Letter of Apology in Mr Lukez Hanz Farhan Facebook, and we will not publish it in the media or newspaper.
    First you must add Mr. Lukez Hanz Farhan in your facebook, you have to give details of your facebook in order for Mr.Lukez Hanz Farhan to add you. The Letter of apology will only be post in Mr. Lukez Hanz Farhan Facebook and your facebook.
    There will be no newspaper post or in other internet post. but you msut clear all of your post in all the email and other website. We have been inform that there are a few website and email that you have post so clean it up and and we will consider this as a close case without us claiming any damage or lawsuit fees from you.

    Resolution 3-
    Print the Letter of Apology and fill up your full particulars, and a settlement cost of SGD150'000.00 for the damage and defamation not incliding the lawsuit fees and any other cost that might be bill to you by the court of Singapore, Malaysia, China And USA.
    If you agreed on this option, Your Letter of Apology will not be post online or in newspaper or in any Media.
    It will only be in Mr.Lukez Hanz Farhan Facebook and their partner.

    We will be proceeding with the lawsuit if there is no reply or if you cannot agreed with the peaceful resolution that we have offered.

    Please do reply to lukez@xxxxxxxxxxx within 5days of this email. together with the option that you like to settle it and further instruction will be email to you.

    Failure to do so, you will have to bear all of the cost that have incurred from the first day of the defamation and lost of business that have been done from day one.

    We hope to resolve this as soon.

    Please reply within 5 days to Lukez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Please take note,
    We have offered you the solution to resolve this issue, and we are advised from our attorney to gave both of you a peaceful solution before we proceed. if you fail to agree on one of the resolution we will be proceeding.

    Failure on your part to settle this within 5 days, We will be proceeding.

    Please refrain yourself from doing more damages to yourself.

    Thank You

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