K-Link Chlorophyll - Bagus untuk Kencing Manis, Darah Tinggi dan Buasir
Machine - Tue 16/Nov/2010 11:10am
The Vegetable Drink for the whole Family

Chlorophyll – know as “source of life”. It is the green coloring matter found in all leafy green plants and vegetables. It is often referred to as "the blood of plants" and is formed by a process called "photosynthesis". One characteristic of Chlorophyll is that it contains abundant natural minerals, vitamins, protein, trace elements and micro-nutrients.
UIE Liquid Chlorophyll is derived from alfalfa leaves – “The Father of Foods”. With the help of modern extraction processes, pure chlorophyll is extracted from alfalfa leaves. It contains:

4 times chlorophyll of ordinary vegetable.
Anti-oxidant – help reduce free radicals in the body.
ZINC - essential minerals found in almost every cell. It stimulates the activity of approx. 100 enzymes which promotes biochemical reactions in the body. Supports healthy immune system, needed in wound healing, maintain sense of taste and smell, is needed for DNA synthesis. Zinc supports the growth and development during pregnancy, childhood and adolescence.
Selenium -a trace mineral essential to good health but required only in small amounts. Selenium is incorporated into proteins to make selenoproteins, which are important antioxidant enzymes. The antioxidant properties of selenoproteins help prevent cellular damage from free radicals.
Vitamin E – a fat soluble, powerful anti-oxidant to protect your cells against the effects of free radicals, which are potentially damaging by-products of energy metabolism. Free radicals can damage cells and may contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Might help prevent or delay the development of chronic diseases. Also known to play a role in immune function, in DNA repair, and other metabolic process.
Vitamin A - fat-soluble compounds that play an important role in vision, bone growth, reproduction, cell division, and cell differentiation (in which a cell becomes part of the brain, muscle, lungs, etc.) Helps regulate the immune system, which helps prevent or fight off infections by making white blood cells that destroy harmful bacteria and viruses. Vitamin A also may help lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell, fight infections more effectively.
Vitamin C - a water-soluble, antioxidant vitamin, important in forming collagen, a protein that gives structure to bones, cartilage, muscle, and blood vessels. It also aids in the absorption of iron, and helps maintain capillaries, bones, and teeth.
Other nutrients: folic acid, biotin, panthothenic acid, minerals such as calcium, cobalt, chromium, phosphorous, silicon, potassium, iron, etc.
Normal Price RM 61.50.

Promo Price RM 60.

Buy 3 and above get RM 55 each.

Buy 5 free 1.

More info check on

Call/msg 012-2794019 - azam

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