Lice Clear 70ml

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Lice Clear is a liquid gel treatment that is clinically proven to eliminate head lice and nits in just three simple steps.

Its primary ingredient is a special grade dimethicone, a safe and effective synthetic lubricant with a well-known safety profile, and that is odorless, non-irritating and hypoallergenic. Dimethicone filled the entire tracheal system of head lice within minutes, thereby interrupting oxygen supply and leading to rapid death of the lice.

The gel formula also makes the comb-out process smooth and easy because it lubricates the hair and allows the comb to glide effortlessly through even long, thick or very curly hair. So, parents can concentrate on removing the lice and eggs, not struggling to pull a fine toothed comb through tangled hair.

And, since Lice Clear is pesticide-free, it can be safely re-applied right away if re-infestation occurs. Lice Clear is classified as a medical devices.

- Eliminate Lice in 10 mins
- Pesticide Free
- Odorless
- Reapply as needed
- Super Condition Hair
- No Pesticide Resistance

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