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Cleaning Chemical / Degreaser (water based)Local Product with International Recognition, Green Technology Chemical - water based degreaser, certified to be under International Green Seal Standard (GS 34). Certified by Green Technology Malaysia and listed with Green Tag status, cleaning / degreasing agent. User friendly with minimize operating cost and PPE requirement.

***Certified by ***
1)Sirim (100% biodegredable) 2)Eco Label Product 3) FRI (non toxic) 4) Green Tag Awarded by KeTTHA 5) Martrade Registered 6) Petronas Registered

OIL & GAS Industries ~Used both in petrochemical and oleochemical. Liquid drain opener that dissolve grease or sludge base in oil. To keep tanks, a pipe line cleans as well as greatly reducing odurs. AUTOMATIVE ~ Engine degreaser and cleaner for heavy build up of grease and oil. Cleaning and degreasing of motor, machinery, industrial equipment and vehicle. MARINE ~
Oil spill on the sea. Oil dispersant sprayed to the oil and dissolve in the seawater. Environmental friendly and biodegradable. Safe the marine ecosystem.
SHIPYARD ~ Degreaser and cleaner for shipyard. Remove all kind of oil and grease and also crude oil that sticks to the wall.
AEROSPACE industry ~ Widely applicable either at MAS, Air Asia or airports.
Electrical and electronic industry ~ cleaning grease, oils then leaving electrical components and other surfaces clean with no residue.
RESTAURANT & HOTELS ~ to keep grease traps and plumbing lines clean.